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We here at Team Scionica are working hard to bring you a breath of fresh air:

A massive shift in the standard MMO formula.


Valorbound is a full-loot, sandbox, PvEvP, horizontal progression, MMO-Lite set in a highly stylized mid-fantasy setting. With more believable restraints on character power, Valorbound focuses on smaller-scale and more down-to-earth adventures. Survive in a wild world full of Elves, Goblins and magic, and experience fantasy adventure the way it was meant to be.

Explore Ursera’s untamed wilds either solo or with friends. Help the townsfolk, slay brutal bosses, and make a name for yourself as you profit off of valuable loot and compete toward seasonal rankings.


​Have you ever been in the last moments of your adventure, quest objective in sight, only to be overwhelmed by a massive blob of murder hobos? Valorbound’s “Focused World” zones give exhilarating challenges without the uncapped grief of an open world.


Focused World places the right amount of players for the zone every time you enter it. We can control player density and the experience that each zone delivers, giving players a more fair and grounded PvEvP experience.


For us, horizontal progression means the outcome of a fight is more influenced by skillful outplays than mindless hours of time. Valorbound loses the gear treadmill so players can revel in the tension and reward of the journey, not just the destination.



​Every zone is always relevant. Valorbound’s evergreen content means we have top-tier immersive design around every corner. All of our secrets, routes, and map knowledge stays meaningful for the entire lifetime of your play.



Valorbound has plenty of short and long-term content to complete as you unlock classes, chase achievements, and collect trophies. And horizontal progression means whether you're playing all week long or only showing up on Saturday nights, you can party up with your friends and guildmates and enjoy gameplay that matters to everyone.


As vital members of the Adventurer’s Guild, your job is to scour Ursera for valuables and magic items. Equipment comes with a wide range of options and socketable items instead of needing random stat rolls to keep things varied.


No more hunting for the "perfectly rolled" version of an item amongst the trash. Combine this with our simplified equipment slot count and the re-gearing process is stress free, getting you right back to putting goblins in the ground and gold in your pockets.

In the dynamic player-driven market of Ursera, gear retains its value. Nothing is soulbound, and players are always looking for gear across the pricing spectrum creating endless ways to make a profit.


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There are some questions that we do get often, so let us address those for you :

  • ​Can I play multiple characters?
    In Valorbound there's no need to have an alt. All of your classes can be swapped freely, and players receive "preset" configs for cosmetics, race, and class/skills making swapping your look and mechanics easier than swapping to an alt.

  • Is Valorbound an Open World game?
    No. We give you the spirit of an open world, but with our Focused World approach, we deliver on all the fun without the camping, cramping, and getting wildly outnumbered. Just think of it as using the fast travel options of an open world, except your destinations aren’t limited to “overcrowded” or “I’m the only one here”.

  • What do I have to buy?
    Purchase Valorbound once then optional seasonal passes if you want to unlock additional cosmetic rewards. No pay to win garbage, no pay for convenience, and no purchased loot boxes.

  • But I don't want players to take my awesome look?
    Character expression is VERY important. Whether you lost your gear to death or durability, no need to worry. Your cosmetics are separate and cannot be lost or looted.


  • ​​How do I support Valorbound's development?
    We're entirely funded by the kind folks that support us on Patreon. Get access to early development builds, a copy of the game when it is released, and other rewards by becoming a Patron.

Early development

We here at Team Scionica are working hard to bring you a breath of fresh air:

A massive shift in the standard MMO formula.

Want to see it in action? Can see last years build here, as well as a newer build about the 15minute mark. Have a peek!

Wizard - ilithid.png

See you soon.

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