• Valorbound is a hardcore Full-Loot, PvEvP, Horizontal-Progression, Action Combat, MMO-Lite (...deep breath...) set in a mid fantasy setting. Which means we've got Elves and magic, but there's not a world-breaking dragon, or old-god in sight, and you're not here to save the world.

  • Go on an adventure, solo, or with friends. Make a profit, survive, unlock classes, decorate your home, and make a name for yourself as you compete toward seasonal rankings.


  • Players experience the world of Ursera by going on adventures to different locations, to fight monsters, bosses, and other players, in an attempt to bring home good equipment, valuable items, and complete objectives.

  • While not an open world game, it shouldn't feel that different than fast traveling to a specific zone, doing things, and fast traveling back to town. This prevents large blobs of murder-hobos from wandering and killing solo players, and avoids ending up with unpopulated parts of the world.


In a nutshell Horizontal Progression means there's no vertical climb of power. While gear with higher rarity will certainly improve your stats, you're pulling from the same pool of items from day 1, till you need a break. Now, that might sound boring, but truly consider the following:

  • Every zone is always relevant. Evergreen content means we can spend more time making it perfect and all content is relevant and challenging for the entire lifetime of your play. Because *most* of our content is designed to be useable forever, we can make more polished content instead of trying to rush to meet demand.

  • We respect the players time and don't time-gate content. If you want to spend 40 hours a week getting better, kudos. Can only spend 2? Well that's just fine too. Non-stop boss runs? You got it friend. Just want to chill on the beach with your homies? You're covered there too.

  • When you're all (relatively) the same power level, suddenly you can play with whoever you want, no matter how often you or they play. You can NOT level-gap your friends. Whats the deciding factor? Skill. Outplay your opponents, dont expect to just overpower them with numbers.

  • Due to the fickle nature of gear in Valorbound, either from death or durability, you will lose items. Because of that items of all power amounts ( and their prices ) are always in demand. There will never be a shortage of players in a certain level bracket.

  • Loot you shall have! Gear items come in 5 rarity tiers, but does not have randomized stats. Instead we allow players to customize their gear with removable socket items.

  • Because of the game's items are never a permeant possession for players, we wanted the re-gearing process to be more straight forward. No more hunting for the "perfectly rolled" version of an item, as that gives high value to the best, and no value to the lowest, even if its a rare item.

  • We've simplified the equipment slot count to : Torso, Legs, Extras(Bits that cover your joints), and your held-in-hand items.

  • Then each of those items has two sockets, that you can use to further customize your stats for whatever build you're going for.


There are some questions that we do get often, so let me knock some of those out for you.

  • So if leveling up does nothing for me, how do I progress? : Probably our biggest question, but here's a few progression pieces: Currencies, Player/Guild Housing progression, Class Unlocks, Town Feature unlocks, Cosmetics/Race Unlocks, Crafting Unlocks, Voice Sets and more.

  • OK, but how do I get stronger? : You don't. Your raw strength in combat is determined by your gear, and how you leverage that gear is determined by your classes. We urge you to step off the treadmill, and focus on the adventure.

  • Can I play multiple characters? : No, but there's no need to. All of your classes can be swapped freely, and we give the players "preset" configs for cosmetics, race, and class/skills, to make swapping easier.

  • What is the business model? : Buy once, then optional seasonal pass purchases. That's it. No pay to win garbage, no pay for convenience, and no purchased loot boxes. A truly fair experience.

  • But I dont want players to loot my awesome look? : Character expression is VERY important. Weather you lost your gear to death or durability, no need to worry. Your cosmetics are separate and can not be lost or taken.

Early development

We here at Team Scionica are hard at work to bring you a breath of fresh air.

A massive shift in the standard MMO formula.


We are still in early development and are very excited to get this in players hands.


Please bear with us as we push the button labeled "make video game".








See you soon. 

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