What is valorbound?

Hello there adventurer! Welcome to the world of Ursera! 

Valorbound is made by a handful of talented folk that love the idea of

going on an adventure with your friends, but pretty fed up with

how the MMO industry is currently being done.

So we decided to do things very differently.

mid Fantasy world


Valorbound and the world of Ursera is a mid fantasy world. Magic and dungeons

and creepy crawlies of all kinds exist. But you wont be put on a quest to save

the world. You aren't the chosen one. And not a dragon in sight.

It's a simpler time, but one just as filled with danger, adventure, and glory for

those who seek it. A civilization long forgotten, crafted by the Allum, is now home to 

many races, and walks of life. As a contractor for the Adventurer's Guild, it's

your job to... procure valuables to ensure the safety of your town.

horizontal progression


Every group of adventurers has that one party member that always falls behind

due to whatever reason, then eventually drops out because everyone else is

so far ahead.

While the Adventurer's Guild does keep track of your exp and level, there aren't any

rewards tied to your power as an Adventurer. There are no restrictions on items

based on your exp and level, only how much value you are willing to risk carrying with you...


valuable loot

Professions vary greatly in the world of Ursera, though some lost to time. Adventurer's will be licensed to utilize the teachings of 6 classes when they sign up to the League, and will be granted access to 21 more as they progress and prove themselves.

However, due to constraints on the mind and body, you're only allowed to take the skills of 2 classes at any time, with you on your adventures.


Adventuring out in the world of Ursera is a dangerous task. Thankfully Adventurer's have access to a vast armory of different equipment item types, and ranks within.

Gear has considerable value, but thats not all that lies waiting for you to find...

Mysterious artifacts, left behind by the Allum, hold clues for what happened in the past, and what may yet happen in the future of Ursera.

adventuring classes