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August Roadmap Update

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a bit of a status update on Valorbound! We're still a bit of the ways off from something playable but we're making good strides. Please bear in mind that this roadmap is not super comprehensive, and there's certainly things not on here for either A) Lack of space, or B) So technical it wouldn't really explain much.

We're dedicated to bringing you a super-exciting experience not only for hardcore PvP players, but for the explorers and achievers in us as well. I know we've spoken a lot about how our PvEvP systems are supposed to peel back some of the fear of PvP content by making sure you cant get ganked by 10 players while being solo, and by making player level not effect your characters stats to ensure no massive power differences.

But we hear the voices of the other groups too: Those who want to craft, those who want to socialize, etc. We hear you and we're going to address those needs. Anyways, without further ado, here's our current roadmap.

Cant wait to bring you all more info soon!

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