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New Shadebark Redesign + Other Milestones!

Hey Folks!

[ For those of you who are on our discord some of this will still be news! ]

Recently we decided that our quaint little town of Shadebark wasn't really up to handling the player count we want to put into each town instance. So this led to not an expansion of the town, but an entire redesign.

Here's our first look into Shadebark. Located in the Northern region of Westplate, Shadebark is the Melkson Empire's smallest border town, but is in a great position to raid resources from the following locations:

-Cathedral Ruins

-Cyri Mines

-Harrison Hill Mansion

-and others

Shadebark is home to at this current point in time, to 17 buildings, and should house in general somewhere between 30-50 players. We want the town to feel full, but not overcrowded. This is a bit of a jump from the planned 15 or so that the last town design would have held.

We've also made strides towards making PvP hits feell much more satisifying. Look, we're gamers too. We know that if a game has reg issues, its not worth playing. Our experience-focused development path leans us into making sure that things like this dont make it into even our initial Alphas.

I'd also like to point out that the UI here is purely placeholder, and will be a later milestone. Next up on our agenda is looking at character creation, art, and cataloging all of our assets for our character art.

Can't wait to see everyone in game!


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