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Supporter Builds, Interview and more!

I really need to get better about updating the website, unfortunately we're swinging away at the client and server on the daily and sometimes fail at updating here D:

We're finally at the point where we aren't making tweaks to our lighting engine back to back to back, and we've stopped focusing on the town. We've not got our physics interactive grass, which you can find a clip of on our Twitter :D We also did an awesome interview with KKenziebear! Tons of info in there :3

I've started UV-ing all of our equipment models, we have about 480 held items that need to be textured/patterned and I've done about 100 of them. I'll continue to get those done over the next couple weeks.

So where does that lead us next? Character creation, and combat. Two areas that can make or break a game, we'll be heavily focused on these two areas for the upcoming bit of future.

For those who are super passionate about the project, and want to help us along, can always support us on Patreon, and *ALL* tiers of support get access to early builds to check out the rendering engine, and see how the game is performing on their hardware. Why? Cause I sure as hell wont gate the builds to only those with large wallets. Gross. Support us at all( lowest tier is $3 USD ), get build on the discord.

Its that simple.

Just to be clear, its not a full working game yet. :P But we're gettin' there.


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