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Volumetric Lighting + Internal PvP

Hey folks!

Couple of super neat tidbits today. We spent the last couple of weeks really tweaking and implementing volumetric lighting. We think it turned out really nice!

We also did a few closed tests with PvP. Things are definitely wildly out of spec with where they need to be, things feel super clunky, but the point is damage works, and everything else now, is just fine tweaking and making sure things feel good.

We've also made it so where you hit someone matters, hitboxes for head, arms, torso, legs all have different damage scales. We have the initial values set, but, those are subject to change in future balance passes.

We're still a little bit away from any actual functional public testing, but we'll be sure to ring all the bells when its time for that. Head on over to our sign up page so you don't miss any of our pre-alpha public testing.

More to come soon, keep your eyes peeled :D

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