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Horizontal Progression

We all hate getting left behind, while our friends and allies progress more.

Be it school and work schedules, or just other hobbies, getting left behind

often means leaving, and playing something else.

RPG's are the only genre this happens to, and we think its garbage.

What if you could just play with whoever was interested in joining you?

What if levels didn't matter?

Now there are plenty of level scaling, auto-balancing and other systems that

get used to try and make it work.

It's never flawless. You can't balance away extra effects, and if you disable them it never feels good for the player who's getting their stats and skills nerfed.

The only way to truly have it fair and balanced, is have all players pull from the same pool of loot, at all times, with no restrictions.

Looking forward to playing with friends again?


We are.

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