the world of ursera

A lush and wild world awaits our adventurers. From pine-scented forests, to damp caves and dungeons, Ursera is full of unique and interesting locations. 

Adventurers will choose a destination from town and ride out in a caravan to their destination, either alone, or with their party. Will they succeed in scraping the riches from the world? Or be sent home empty handed...









Adventurers will start out living in Shadebark. A small little villiage on the northern half of Westplate. From there, the journey is up to them. Deciding where you head out to will decide what gear you're bringing. 

Will you arrive in the daytime? Or in the middle of the night? Bringing any items to help you deal with the area's conditions? Heading somewhere crowded, or barren? Plenty of choices here in Ursera.